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Posted by on July 10, 2011

When it comes to male hair loss, male pattern baldness is what the majority faces today and at times, this may affect the female population as well. For many, it starts from teenage years and for the others it happens after 20s or even 30s depending on susceptibility factors. At first, the problem is taken lightly and after it is left unnoticed, it takes its toll to expose the scalp.

Men react differently to this problem. Some of them never care about this issue whereas others drop their confidence levels and dive into depressions losing the hold on their life and success. The first and the most important cause of hair fall is hereditary and if you have this pattern baldness in your family, you are at high risk. The hair starts to recede down your forehead losing hair in the temples as well as the crown making you bald at the end. There are other reasons for hair loss too, they include:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Anaemia due to iron deficiency
  • Side effect of certain medications
  • Fungal infection in the scalp
  • Stress

If hair loss is due to reversible reasons, you can of course stop this problem. Like, if it is due to iron deficiency you can include more iron content into your diet regime and so go on to become healthy without hair loss. There are several methods available now to reverse or stop hair fall. A few are noted to be highly successful while the others are not effective at all. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, at a particular age this problem comes to a stop.

In severe cases, it is highly recommended that you get advice from your physician about it to ensure that there is no connection with any diseases. You are bound to visit a doctor if there is patchy hair loss rather than the usual hair fall.

Women try out different ways to counteract hair loss by trying out wigs, hats and transplantation techniques to adopt a newer hairstyle that never shows off the issue.  With men, the majority are least concerned about this problem. The others try out weaving techniques and wigs or other permanent solutions to look smart, young and vibrant building up their confidence levels.  There are also lotions or other medical products like minoxidil available in the shops to reduce the rate at which hair fall happens. You can try out different reliable methods to ensure that the problem is either reduced or brought to a standstill.


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