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Three awesome bold actors

Posted by on September 3, 2013

To be successful one needs only extraordinary qualities and the look of a person is hardly a hindrance. At least the famous bald actors of Hollywood teach us that lesson. They prove the fact that guys with almost no hair are more swagger and more powerful. The article describes how the three popular bald actors Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Yul Brynner rocked Hollywood not with their look, but with their talent.

Bruce Willis

Bruce WilisHe is professionally known as Bruce Willis, but his actual name is Walter Bruce Willis. Willis is a German-born yet American actor who started his career in the year 1980 as David Addison in the show Moonlighting. Since then he was one of the popular Hollywood heroes who played different roles in action, dramatic and comedy movies.

Walter Willis was born in the Idar-Oberstein in West Germany to David Willis and Marlene K. David Willis, Walter’s father, was a soldier. Walter was the oldest of the four children. He was interested in theater and art from his childhood as most of the childhood he has spent attending drama clubs in New Jersey. As an adult, he was selected as the president of the student council. Completing his studies, Willis employed himself as a guard in the Nuclear power plant of Salem. However, he had a previous interest in film and drama and to chase his dream he finally went to California  in 1980 to attend a different audition. This is where he was selected as the hero of the show moonlight.

In 2000, Bruce won an Emmy award for the film “Friends” where he became the father of Ross Geller’s younger girlfriend.

  • Pulp Fiction
  • Loaded weapon,
  • Di Hard with Vengeance

These are some of the best films by this actor and in all these films, he paired with Samuel Jackson.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is an actor who has played different roles in different phases of his life. He was a former diver, producer, and martial art specialist. Statham’s birthplace is Shirebrook, Derbyshire and his parents are Eileen and Barry Statham who were dancer and street singer respectively. During his adulthood, he moved to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk and he decided not to go behind his father but to pursue art. During this time, Vinnie Jones was his friend who was professionally a football player. Initially Statham started playing football for the Grammar School. He first appeared in media as a sports model in the year 1998.

At this time the famous British director Ritchie Guy who was developing a project and was looking for an actor who will play the role of a street-con artist spotted him. When Ritchie came to know about his past life, he selected him as his hero and the film was just a super hit. Both the audiences and the critics received the film gladly.

Snatch is another popular film starred by the actor that earned an approximate 80 million dollars of revenue in box-office. In the film, he cast alongside Brad Pitt, Benicio del Toro and Dennis Farina. In the year 2010, Statham paired with action heroes like Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, and Sylvester Stallone in the movie The Expendables. Statham also played an important role in the movie ‘Killer Elite’ that was based on real events. However, some parts of the movie were taken from Ranulph Fiennes novel “The Feather Men”

Earlier Statham was involved with Kelly Brook and the relation lasted for seven years. Now, he is dating Rosie Huntington who is a Victoria’s secret model. This lady certainly does not need any garcinia to look slim. The gorgeous 26 years model does not have one once of fat. She also started to act and even won two movie awards for her performance in Transformers.

Yul Brynner

He is another popular bald actor who is also a man of many talents. He was a Russian born U.S based actor who was equally good on film and on stage as well. The actor was best-known for the stage performance of “The King and I”, produced by Rodgers and Hammerstein and for “The King of Siam” as well.

He won 2 Tony awards for the stage version of “King and I” and one academic award for the film version of the same. He played the same role for 4450 times on stage. Audience liked this actor for his shaved head and distinctive voice. Yul not only was a famous actor but also was a successful television director and a model, a photographer and an author as well. ‘The Magnificent Seven’, the ‘Ten Commandants’ and ‘Anastasia’ are some of the best films by the actor.

His personal life was full of controversy as he exaggerated his birth background. He was not happy as a husband, but was a proud father. However, whatever his personal life is, as an actor he had unbeatable talents. This famous actor died of lung cancer in the year 1985.

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